Assess your fleet’s commercial vehicle sign advertising reach with Roadvert™

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Assess your fleet’s commercial vehicle sign advertising reach with Roadvert™

Using your fleet’s commercial vehicles to its full potential is a smart move. It’s cheaper than other forms of advertising and it gets your message literally wherever your van goes.

Up until now, many businesses and local authorities have been limiting the potential of spreading their promotional messages by keeping the same sign on their commercial vehicles for the duration of their time on the fleet. Usually, these generic signs will feature company name, perhaps a tag-line and a logo, a telephone number and a website.

But is this really the best you can do?

Of course not!

Think ADS ON VANS with Roadvert™

We can CALCULATE your advertising reach!

We can tell you, using our state-of-the-art software, how many hits your van will achieve with some basic information.

Roadvert™ is an affordable and unique way to get the word spread about your business – with our patented system, Spedian™, you can change your van and truck signs when you have different promotions, turning your vehicle fleet into mobile billboards!

When the Spedian™ system is removed at a later date, it leaves no damage to the vehicle and it is also lightweight, with no visible frame and a full UK and USA patent.

Register now for your free trial to see how much your vehicles could earn for your council or business.

Alternatively, feel free to call us on 01652 641 187 today or click here to email us; we can analyse your fleet and its movements, and provide you with statistical data to let you know just how many people you could reach with your van advertising!