How Roadvert™ can make your fleet work harder!

21 JUL

How Roadvert™ can make your fleet work harder!

Struggling to juggle tight budgets whilst at the same time delivering great results can be a difficult job for many Fleet managers.

Don’t worry - Roadvert™ is here to give your fleet the value it deserves.

Local Authorities have been using refuse collection vehicles (RCVs), vans and trucks for years as a way of spreading messages to their local communities. Roadvert™ is a unique medium that allows promotions to be calculated in terms of actual reach, in turn, delivering excellent results!

Roadvert™ has a huge audience reach, both locally and nationally; by using our exclusive software, users can calculate how much revenue a campaign will potentially generate by vehicle side advertising.

The Spedian™ graphic system is already in use on over 2000 UK local authority vehicles. Spedian™ signs can be changed, stored and reused for repeat or seasonal messages. Spedian™ is the only changeable sign system with no visible frame, with a resulting lightweight finish that does not damage vehicles when it is removed.  

Signs are clean and bright - guaranteed! - and downtime is kept to a minimum as changing Spedian™ graphics is quick and easy.

There are just four simple steps to make your fleet work harder with Roadvert™:


Register to become a Roadvert™ member


Login to the secure Members area - you can now quote, compare & buy!


Use our predictor software to calculate the reach of your planned campaign


Book your requirements, sit back and relax – just leave the Roadvert™ team to do the rest!