Roadvert™ helps boost Copeland Council’s new recycling drive

24 AUG

Roadvert™ helps boost Copeland Council’s new recycling drive

Quick change graphics on bin lorries

A council that includes some of England’s most famous landscapes is boosting two of its green initiatives with messages carried on the sides of bin lorries.

Copeland Borough Council has fitted eight of its refuse collection fleet – seven lorries and a 7.5 tonne van – with Spedian™ graphics panels that can be quickly changed.

These will be touring almost every street in the council’s area that covers coastal towns and parts of the Lake District including England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike.

One set of messages highlights elected Mayor Mike Starkie’s ‘Pride of Place’ campaign to make Copeland a better place to ‘live, work and visit’.

It encourages the public to reduce fly-tipping, dog-fouling and littering, and also helps businesses to repair and smarten up the outside of their premises.

Another set supports the council’s new recycling policy, introduced in April 2018, by showing images of ‘overlooked’ items, such as bathroom spray cleaners, that can be recycled but which are often thrown out in general rubbish.

The signage has helped contribute to an upturn in Copeland’s recycling rates, with the average tonnage collected more than doubling since the introduction of the new kerbside service and the new vehicles.

Pat Graham, Chief Executive of Copeland Borough Council, said: “The messages support the existing campaigns that are going out via local media and will be highly visible on the streets as the refuse collection vehicles go on their rounds across Copeland.

“We wanted a system that was flexible enough to allow us to run messages for a limited period then change them – that was a key reason for selecting the Spedian™ vehicle graphics system. The new panels also make the vehicle look cleaner and brighter.”

The council is also exploring the possibility of offering space on the refuse collection vehicles to third-party organisations to run their own campaigns, an approach that could potentially create a new income stream for it.

Lawrence Craig, CEO of Roadvert™, the company behind the Spedian™ vehicle graphics system, said: “It takes less than an hour to install one of our Spedian™ graphics systems so campaigns can be refreshed again and again, or swapped over as often as you wish.

“There is no damage to the vehicle because the system requires no bolts, nuts, screws, pins or rails, and any graphics that are removed can be stored away for use another day.

“Campaigns can be swapped over, or refreshed, as often as you like, which is ideal when offering the space to outside organisations. Many councils are now looking at this approach to raise revenue.”

Copeland Council has previously run promotions for a local museum on its refuse collection vehicles.



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