The most advanced truck frame system in the world! Spedian

How Does Spedian Work? - Simply


We developed the Spedian Exhaust System™ which works on a high pressure/low pressure principal.

Once the advertising banners are installed they are maintenance free having been tensioned at the time of installation. The installation time is short with an absolute maximum of two hours for a trailer and you can drive away. In the UK we have tested the Spedian™ System products at the Motor Industry Research facility (MIRA) at Nuneaton and the Transportation Research Center (TRC) at Columbus Ohio in the USA. The whole concept of Spedian was to make it easy and efficient and low cost.


Got existing decals? No problem we can fit round them. Your trailer will look like new again! So when you change your Spedian banner the integrity of your original decals is not lost.

The Spedian System is installed by our trained installers and the only tool they need is a roller! A trailer will take about an hour for the frame to be installed and the banner one hour. A changeover willtake less that one hour for the trailer. Your truck is now ready to go about its business.

It is one of the easiest systems on the market and importantly there are no screw or rivet holes on your vehicles!

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