Frequently Asked Questions

Roadvert FAQs

We've collected together some frequently asked questions about Roadvert. If you still have questions call us; we're here to help.

  •  What is Roadvert?

    Roadvert is a powerful combination of technology and traditional changeable signage for fleets. It can predict the audience of a vehicle as seen from other road users.

    But how? A small piece of hardware is attached to the vehicle that relays all data to the software. This beacon technology, iRoadvert, broadcasts contextually relevant messages to consumer smart devices as vehicle fleets travel around the country.

  •  Where does the source data for the predictor come from?

    Data is sourced from the most reliable data sources - HM Government.

  •  What information does the data predictor give?

    The predictor estimates the potential audience a vehicle can deliver by going about its daily business. This can be broken down Nationally, Regionally or by every Local Authority in the UK.

  •  How does Roadvert’s technology give your fleet an advantage?

    By using this unique technology, all company and council vehicles become financially accountable and can be allocated a value to brand marketing or external advertisers.

  •  Can I run different campaigns with my range of vehicles, or just one?

    Yes, you can run different campaigns on different vehicles or even on different sides.