Interview with Dr Wendy Fail Northumberland CC

19 APR

Interview with Dr Wendy Fail Northumberland CC

What influenced your decision to work with Roadvert?

I had worked previously with Tracy Lott and knew that Roadvert would be able to provide what we were looking for. Roadvert were able to de-install the old frames from a previous supplier on some of our fleet and install their own Spedian design frame with new up to date banners.

What stood out to you in the decision-making process?

My initial meeting was very friendly, I found the team easy to deal with and always quick to respond to new requests. They have great ideas for campaigns too, which helps as different departments within the Council have different needs when it comes to messaging and communication.

Could you give us some feedback on the initial installations and working with Roadvert in general?

Absolutely! Everyone involved with the installations, from working with Tracy up front to liaising with Jemma for all our installs and the guys doing the installations themselves, have been dependable, trustworthy and the customer service has been second to none. We are a big County and have six depots situated all over the region. Each region has different operational concerns, so we were looking at different messaging on different numbers of vehicles at different sites. None of which was an issue for the team at Roadvert who dealt with all of this in their stride and conducted the scheduled installations on time, efficiently and liaised directly with the Depots. I trust them to get on with all of this and leave it with them, I know it’s in good hands.

That’s all really good to hear! Anything else you would like to add?

Going forward Roadvert are our preferred supplier, every depot had nothing but praise for the installers and Roadvert make dealing with them very easy overall. One off banner changes are not an issue, and Tracy is always on hand to assist with innovative designs, ideas for when changes ideally should be made, no assumptions are made when new fleet vehicles arrive, so our banners are always up to date and on message.

I think the nicest installation we had was because of a school competition we held asking school pupils to draw a picture to go on the side of the vehicles. The winner was ‘make the bins happy’ – basically, put the right things in the right place and make your bins happy as a result! We launched this earlier in 2024 as a great way to get the message across of the importance of recycling and waste minimization.